Method of repairing and waterproofing old roof is depended on the structural condition. Dr. Fixit NewCoat is a the recommended product for waterproofing old roofs without removing existing screed of protective plastering. Unsound plaster/screed must be removed prior application of Dr. Fixit NewCoat. This product is UV resistant and heavy duty applicable. No protection needed the the applied surface

Our representative will inspect the site and suggest a solution for the leakage issue

General Methods

  • Clean surface
  • Unsound subtract  must be chipped off and re plastering is to be done
  • Apply Primer
  • Apply two (three in case of heavy leakage) coats of Dr. Fixit NewCoat

Please not that this method can not be adopted in case of major damage for the protective plastering. In such case the plastering must be completely remove and waterproofing works to be carried out

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