• Leakage
  • Improve appearance
  • Additions of extra portion to existing building.
  • Completing partially completed house
  • Alteration

In any of these case we must take ultimate care to improve the works. Otherwise damage and leakage is possible. in case Renovation due to leakage old roof slab and/or sunshades must be treated well. In case of tiled roof it is recommended that completely remove tiles and waterproof roof slab. Generally people hesitate to remove existing tiles and this causes to leak water again and again. In the case of Decorative renovation all loose paints must be removed and repainted. If only decorative works are planned, do not break or remove existing portions. If planning for waterproofing, Do it completely (Partial waterproofing does not have any effect in old house)

 Care to be taken while extending house (Where an exposed joint exist)

  •  Provide a small gap between old and new concrete
  • Apply Polyurethane sealant in the gap
  • Cover the treated area with protective plastering

If it is ignored, leakage is sure

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