Quality of Water

Fresh water must be used for concreting. Dirty or salty water may result in weak concrete formation

Correct grade of cement

Must use the correct grade of cement. A civil engineer can decide the correct grade of cement depending on the grade of concrete

 Use Of Vibrators.

It is important that cement-sand mortar is packed uniformly. To ensure this it is advised that a vibrator must be used while concreting. If it is not possible, ensure the correct packing with a an iron rod. Otherwise honeycombs are generated which will reduce the strength of concrete.


Do not neglect the important of curing. Normally it will take 27 days to completely react the cement to form the mortar. During this period we must cure the surface. Pounding water on the surface is recommended.

What Plasticisers do ?

Most people believes that plasticizers are waterproofing agents. Actually These chemicals does not have any waterproofing property. But it helps us to reduce the water content of concrete while mixing. Hence if you are not taking the advantage there is no use for plasticizers. While adding plasticizer, do not forget to reduce the amount of water. This will make the concrete to form in correct ratio. If excess of water is added, the water is eliminated from the concrete and  a void gap is formed.


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