Leakage from bathroom can be permanently arrested by renovating the bathroom completely. This is expensive and time consuming but it is a permanent solution. During renovation we can check any leakage arises from plumbing pipe too. Detailed procedure as follows

  • Completely demolish and remove existing floor tiles of bathroom
  • Remove two rows of tiles from the bathroom wall too.
  • Chip off loose cement mortar 
  • Check and seal all drainage outlets, wash basin taps etc (Seal the same)
  • Clean surface with water
  • Apply waterproofing coating (Either bitumen or polymer coating) - two coats
  • Utmost care must be taken on the door step area. Major source of leakage is this portion in case the bathroom is at floor level.
  • Test for any leakage
  • Do tiling works once testing over 

It is important that testing of pipes must be conducted before tiling woks. If the bathrooms are leaking there is a possibility that the source is pipes and not the floor or tiles gap.


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