Bathrooms area all time-wet areas of a house and flat. As this must be waterproofed prior laying tiles. Recommended methods are polymer coating or bitumen coating.

Application Method

  • Clean entire surface
  • Seal all pipe joints with non-shrink grout. All Core cutting gaps must be filled with the same compound
  • Provide a haunch on all corner with cement sand SBR mortar (Only applicable for sunken slab)
  • Allow curing time
  • Apply two coats of polymer modified acrylic coating or bitumen coating on the slab between an interval of 24 hours
  • Allow time for setting
  • Leakage test may be performed once the applied chemical is completely cured (after 2 days)

Waterproofing in bathrooms and toilets are highly recommended during the construction time itself as the remedial process is very expensive and time consuming.

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